$1 METAL Agave Cactus Saguaro Prickly Pear Barrel Yard Art landscape Southwest desert garden SAVE WATER - $1 (Austin)

Posted on: 12/09/17



Create a dramatic walk or entry way! Very popular contemporary, upscale, classy yard art. Great for areas that get no sun or people like me that can only grow weeds. Ideal for desert landscapes or gardens or even inside as unique interior design art for home or any business. Place in the ground or gravel or in pots or planters. I sell a variety of cacti in all shapes and sizes in my spare time. I don't have the overhead of a storefront so I pass the savings to you! Agaves The most popular agaves come in 4 sizes small 21" or 25" tall $48 $52...Medium 40" tall $95 and Large 48" tall for $105...These typically sell for far more at other locations. I have other agaves in a variety of shapes and sizes as wellI have new floral agaves with drupey leaves and flower buds medium 33" $85 and large 39" $105. Most of the cactus I sell is rusty but many pieces are also available painted. These are cash prices local pick up. I can ship anywhere in the US. I do charge a small handling fee to pack these to cover costs of boxes and packing material as well as labor as the larger agaves can take 30-45 minutes to pack. The Saguaro cactus are gorgeous! Available in 2 , 3 , 4 ,and most popular 5 foot sizes They are 61" and 33" across the arms and are $165 (I've seen them sell for double) I also have 6 foot 7 foot and sometimes 8 foot saguaros These cacti arrive with varying degrees of rust or oxidation, I have a formula to speed the process up, but generally will rust pretty quick anywaysPrickly Pear Are available in a nice 3 dimensional version (most popular) Sm $105 Med $115 Large $125. I also have 6 and 8 foot prickly pear creations! I have several barrel cactus and animals as well. Prices posted are for local pick up in Phoenix cash. I do some discounting for large purchases. I will in some instances deliver in the Phoenix area for a small fee. Out of state orders can be shipped UPS or Uship. I try to keep prices down so shipping charges and materials to pack are additional. $5 to $40 depending on the item Contact me with questions or orders by text (Best) or call and leave message 602-570-5031. Shown by appointment only as I do not have a store Then 2nd option is send an email but I sometimes don't check every evening after work. moonvt@cox.net or try dirtrockitx18@gmail.com I get these on my phone.

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