Positive Spiritual Movement Seekers - (Austin)

Posted on: 04/18/13


Positive Spiritual Movement Seekers (PSMS) is meetup group that inspires people to learn how metaphysics can be incorporated in the spiritual world and help with understanding of how to make it work. Skills, tools, development and experiences come together and allow the explorer to see in this great and wonderful world. In this group, we are Spiritualist, Seekers, Motivators, Experts, Trainers and Teachers that are having fun in learning all we can about Spirituality. So if you want this and need more or just want explore this world for the first time. This is the group for you. The PSMS meetup group site has list of fellow Spiritual members, meeting dates, pages, inspirational quotes, discussions and anything that will help you to grow. We meet bi-weekly on Wednesday's nights from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. For more information come to our website: www.meetup.com/positive-spiritual-movement-seekers

Ad Number: 21202804